3e Recommendations in Rheumatology
Undifferentiated Peripheral Inflammatory Arthritis
CME Program

Under the leadership of Dr. Claire Bombardier, the recommendations for Undifferentiated Peripheral Inflammatory Arthritis (UPIA) developed by the multi-national scientific committees participating in the 3e Initiative in Rheumatology are delivered on this Website through highly interactive CME Learning Modules.

Educational offerings provide Rheumatologists with easy-to-use educational tools that will discuss each of the 10 recommendations for UPIA in detail, including an explanation of the research and process of gaining consensus from the multi-national scientific committee members. Delivered through a variety of educational resources, all content may be reviewed online and also downloaded for use in educational settings.

Rheumatologists are required to complete a brief, free registration in order to gain access to the educational content of this Website.

Overall Learning Objectives

As a result of participating and interacting with this program, rheumatologists will have better knowledge, understanding and expertise related to:

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